Amber Husain

Essays & Criticism

Gorilla Milk

A letter of recommendation.

Consciously Uncontracting

A defence of burning one's bridges.

I Can’t Wait to Get Started

On oversized emotions, culture industry beef and almost everything by Helen DeWitt.

Corrosive Methods

On the art of Paula Rego, the career of Paula Rego and occasional duplicity in the construction of Paula Rego as a British National Treasure.

Against White Publishing

Thoughts on the achievements and frustrated potential of Rafia Zakaria’s Against White Feminism.

Slouching Towards Death

Must writers be boring? Must essays be personal? Is a life ‘precious’? feat. Rachel Kushner’s non-fiction.

Cyborgs Without Organs

On digital self-determination in Legacy Russell’s Glitch Feminism.

Editorial Distinctions

A short rant on the limits of mainstream publishing’s racial justice discourse.

Virtual Tower, ‘Virtual’ Pit

A pandemic special on unrealised art projects and their relationship to systems of power.


A respectful challenge to enlightened nihilism in Natasha Stagg’s Sleeveless feat. social media politics, decadence, desire.

On Having No Skin

Why Nan Goldin’s opioid activism is good but her art is arguably more insightful.

Reconstruct This

Can a neural network heal your heart? Feat. Pierre Huyghe, Philippe Parreno, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.

In Defence of Dead Women

An argument for morbid fascination feat. Julie Becker, Francesca Woodman, Frida Kahlo.