Amber Husain


Hello. This website is an archive of my writing work. It gathers essays, criticism and info on book projects.

I write about many things, often with an eye on how literary and visual culture relate to ideology, emotion and the mind/body. There are essays here...

in praise of: copy editors; people who are boring but interested; socialist feminism

in defence of: morbid fascination; burning bridges; literary overexcitement

in mistrust of: ‘white publishing’; enlightened nihilism; liberal feminism; the artist-as-national-treasure

dissecting: addiction; chronic pain; organised depravity; unrealised artworks; cyberfeminism

I have worked as many kinds of editor in the art books and journals world, and also as an academic research fellow in contemporary art. I am currently researching a PhD project at UCL on the relationship between contemporary British art and NHS neoliberalisation. Amber Husain